DR Laser Singapore Pte Ltd(高产能激光设备)获得我欧盟CE认证机构颁发证书

  DR Laser Singapore Pte Ltd在我欧盟认证机构己成功获得CE认证证书,使其生产的高产能激光设备出口欧盟市场及在国内宣传提供了安全保障及信心!
  DR Laser Singapore Pte Ltd (DR Laser) include laser equipment for PERC technology and SE technology, MWT laser equipment, automatic silicon slice cutting equipment, laser LIR equipment, etc., covering several high-performance solar cell technologies.

  DR Laser has a world-class R&D team, excellent manufacturing capability and extensive marketing network. Leading solar cell manufacturers such as Longi Green Energy, GCL System Integration, Tongwei, Canadian Solar, JA Solar are among its customers. DR Laser provides custom-made laser equipment and complete solutions. Today, it supplies more than 70% of the laser equipment for the PERC and SE technologies. Creating value for its customers is the mission of DR Laser.  


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